5 Reasons Manufacturers Should Transform To Mass Customization

5 reasons manufacturers should transform to mass customization

5 reasons manufacturers should transform to mass customizationIf you’re considering mass customization, here are 5 reasons manufacturers should transform to mass customization.

I recently delivered a couple of mass customization webinars for firms involved in custom vehicle manufacturing. As I pointed out, there’s a huge difference between being a “customizer” and a “mass customizer.”

Here are 5 reasons why manufacturers involved in producing customized products should consider the transformation from build to order, configure to order, assemble to order, make to order, engineer to order to a different business paradigm: mass customization.

1. As volume and variety increase, “customizers” suffer greater and greater inefficiencies that drive down profits.

2. Mass customization is a strategy for improving profits while driving down the cost of variety.

3. Whether your company is looking for incremental improvement or taking your business to the next level, your company can’t thrive as a “customizer” if volume and/or variety are increasing.

4. Mass customization is an enterprise-wide business paradigm that increases efficiencies across the enterprise, efficiencies that extend out to your sales channels.

5. Mass customization accelerates collaboration and, properly implemented, creates real excitement.

Transforming a company from “customization” to “mass customization” will not happen overnight—start your transformation to mass customization, and begin reaping the benefits sooner.

Dave Gardner, Mass Customization Expert

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