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What would it be like to sit down and talk over coffee with a trusted ally who knew enough to help you make the next move? What if I could help you see a better path to your own success? This sounds a LOT like my newsletter. This is one of the best things I do every week. And, it’s free.

Every week, I give you weekly insights for business leaders; ideas and insights that, one way or another, are actionable and pragmatic. The newsletter comes on a Monday (for most of the world). Unlike most newsletters, you can simply just hit “reply” to connect directly with me. I write back.

My goal, every week, is to give you something of value that you can consider and take action upon. If you decide my newsletter isn’t for you, you may unsubscribe at any time…no questions asked. If you like my newsletter, please forward and send it to someone you really care about.


Dave Gardner’s “Thank God It’s Monday”

A weekly insight for business leaders of ideas that comes to your email box first thing Monday to help your business thrive! We are getting great feedback from people who really look forward to getting this every Monday morning. It’s a great way to start the week!

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