In Operations Consulting, I most often see Companies suffer Business Execution gaps and breakdowns in 3 key areas:

  • Intra-departmental and inter-departmental communication
  • Business processes
  • Integration of business processes with information technology

The business execution gaps and breakdowns jeopardize relationships with customers, dealers, employees, and shareholders, threatening company health and prosperity and, often, top and bottom-line growth.

Why does this breakdown in operations occur?

Companies focus on getting their products/services to the marketplace and don’t make appropriate investments in the underlying operations infrastructure as the business grows. So, what works well at one revenue level may be seriously compromising at another.

Often, a company will purchase a software system with the hope that business execution will improve but the system never gets traction within the organization.

Customers experience your company through your products/services as well as your processes. The experience you give your customers greatly influences your future opportunity to work with that same customer. The experience can be more important than the features and benefits of your products/services.

The people supporting day-to-day operations are overwhelmed with current business demands and have little capacity to re-architect or adjust the systems and processes required to efficiently run the business as it evolves.

We help emerging and established companies eliminate business execution gaps and breakdowns that compromise future growth and profitability and jeopardize the livelihoods of the executives.

  • Start-up companies
  • Established companies

Most often, we help companies with business execution in these key areas:

  • Program Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Infrastructure Development/Enhancement including integration of information technology with business process
  • Document Control Systems
  • Software Systems selection and/or design
  • Post-merger Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Support

Operations Consulting for Start-Up Companies

We have extensive operations consulting experience helping start-up companies create their operations infrastructure from scratch. Our Silicon Valley roots gave us many opportunities in this area.

Overhaul Broken Business Execution for Established Companies

We help established companies who have “hit the wall” due to missing or inadequate systems and/or processes. In many instances, these clients have experienced such explosive growth or tremendous product line diversification.

Usually, there simply wasn’t sufficient organizational capacity to consider “what is needed to run the business” as the company achieves higher and higher levels of growth and success.

We provide the focused energy and attention to help you correct your business execution needs and challenges consistent with your operating needs.

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