Design and Implementation of Configuration Management Systems

A configuration management system is the communication system through which information flows into the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). Companies seem to have little difficulty investing substantial sums of money in ERP systems and the subsequent integration and training yet invest little or nothing in the communication infrastructure that drives and supports ERP.

To make matters worse, the vast majority of companies today rely on paper-based document control systems to support their information and control needs.

An effective system improves communication between Engineering and the rest of the enterprise. It ensures that the business issues—not merely the documentation issues—are addressed as a normal part of the business regimen.

We provide solutions that dramatically reduce cycle times and provide clear communication and direction to all affected organizations with respect to product release and change activity. An effective solution includes procedures, training, and systems that support:

* Part number assignment
* Approved manufacturer’s listing for purchased components
* Part/Document Status & History
* Change Requests
* Release and Change Orders
* Backlog/Work-in-Process Reporting for Requests and Changes
* Change Request/Change Order Tracking
* Change Impact Analysis

We have extensive experience:

  • helping start-up companies create and implement the systems and processes described below.
  • helping established companies fix ineffective systems and processes described below.

Configuration Management System Design

Product Configuration Control Systems

A process to identify the “as-shipped” configuration and configuration level of products; real-time information about customer-owned products.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are experiencing difficulties with one or more of the following areas:

  • Part numbering system
  • Engineering change request process
  • Engineering change order process and the integration of product changes with Manufacturing and Field Service
  • Inventory control accuracy
  • Product release process
  • Integrating your ERP system with your business processes
  • CPQ
  • PLM

We’ve got the track record and expertise to help you with these mission-critical issues.

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