Selecting A New Product Configurator

An information technology department contacted me seeking assistance in selecting a new configurator software package.

My response: before we can talk about the technology, I first need to understand your business and your business requirements as well as the needs of your customers and channel partners.

What is the immediate problem that needs to be solved, and how can I help the client create a compelling vision for the future that is implementable?
Are they looking to create a “me too” solution or a game-changing solution that solidifies their position as a market leader?
Do they want to make an incremental improvement, or do they have time to make a huge impression on their marketplace?
Getting an appropriate configurator system will ensure a company thrives.

Conversely, selecting the wrong system will take a company to a deep dark place the firm will soon wish they had never entered.

David J. Gardner, Mass Customization Expert


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