Requirements Analysis to Correct Operational Problems with Configurable Products

Correct Operational Problems with Configurable Products

Industry: Semiconductor Capital Equipment

Role: Project Manager

Number of people working on Assignment: 20 people in Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Order Services, Production Control and Finance

Duration of Engagement: 2 months

Problem Presented: Our firm was referred to client as being an “expert” who could help them implement a configurator application—a tool to select features and options associated with a broad and diverse set of product lines for a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer. Assessment and Steps: Prospective client asked our firm principal to assess an “off-the-shelf” configurator application that the company had purchased, by attending a 2-day seminar on this product. Within ½ day, it was apparent that this application would not solve their problem. They asked if I would work with them anyway using this application. We refused—we don’t take assignments that will not solve our client’s problems. They were shocked that a consulting firm would refuse a paying customer. They asked what they should do. We suggested they engage our firm for purposes of conducting a Requirements Analysis so we could:
• Understand their actual business problems and needs
• Determine the best course of action

They agreed.

Results Achieved: For the first time, the client had a clear picture of their actual requirements and a strategy for addressing these requirements. The client was able to get their money refunded for the inappropriate computer application.


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