Reduce Time Required To Validate A Customer’s Order Requirements by 80%

Reduce Customer Order Validation Time

Industry: Semiconductor Role: Project Manager Number of people working on the assignment: 3

Duration of the engagement: 5 months

Problems Presented: Client requested that we investigate the use of imaging technology to help him reduce his order acceptance cycle time from 5 days to 1. Upon meeting with his department manager, it became apparent that imaging technology would not help him resolve the cycle time issue.

Assessment and Steps: Conducted a Needs Assessment to understand what areas were adversely impacting the client’s cycle time. We learned that expert knowledge needed to validate a customer’s order requirements were dispersed throughout this Fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturer’s organization and was not documented in any formal way. To validate a customer’s requirements required leaving voice mail and e-mail messages for the “experts” who were already burdened with meeting current customer needs.

Working with two of my client’s team members (his department manager and a staff member), we designed and helped our client implement a “Process and Packaging Capabilities Guide” as a centralized repository of expert knowledge to be used as a reference document for Specification Review Department to validate a customer’s technical requirements.

Results Achieved: My client’s cycle time reduction goal was met: we reduced the cycle time from 5 days to 1. Customer Order Management was able to eliminate nearly a week of administrative lead time, which improved their competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


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