Product Configurator Success Factors

Based on my experience, a few of the top success factors for implementing a product configurator include:

Approaching the implementation a product configurator holistically across the enterprise–don’t allow the configure-price-quote (CPQ) process to be disconnected from back-office processes
Focusing on CPQ as a tool and process to engage customers rather than a back-office process
Establishing a product management function that owns the evolution of products and product lines
Creating and engaging cross-functional product teams who own the success and profitability of a product line
Acknowledging a product configurator is not going to solve all the problems
Selecting appropriate product configurator technology
Pre-engineering around product modularity and offering previously rationalized choices within a coherent product configurator system that supports CPQ
Implementing a sustainable, scalable process for adding new features and options
Stop trying to be all things to all people leading to an unprofitable or low margin business that is not sustainable while hoping things will get better–hope is not a strategy
Having and engaging in a strategy to drive down the cost of variety
I write about this in my book: “Mass Customization: An Enterprise-Wide Business Strategy” available at You can read more about it at

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