Going Through The Motions

It’s not easy to find organizations that are true standouts in what they do. When I find them, it feels great. The contrast, of course, is too many companies just seem to be “going through the motions.” Their raison d’etre is indifference.

One organization that needs to be a standout right now isn’t: The U.S. Secret Service. They can’t afford to have a bad week, day, hour, minute or second. It took mere seconds for an intruder to leap a fence and enter the White House.

The Secret Service was caught flat-footed in this recent incident as well as several others that have recently come to light. They can’t let their guard down. Ever. And, they certainly can’t be merely “going through the motions.” Yet, this is seemingly what is happening.

Some functions within companies can ill afford to have a bad week, day, hour, minute or second. When customers have a choice, they will take a bad customer experience and use it as a call to action to do business with a competitor.

Your challenge is to identify and take corrective action whenever your product or service isn’t what it should be or needs to be. To accelerate growth, you must be ever vigilant. Rest assured–your customers are paying attention.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Drost on Flickr

Thought for the week:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy
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