Be Forthcoming With Your Boss & “Banker”

Ensuring Project Success

Why do you need to be forthcoming with your boss and your banker? Ensuring project success.

If you are running a project ( IT or otherwise) within your company, you need to ensure there are no surprises for your leadership when obstacles or delays appear.

Issues or problems are inevitable in all projects – even the simplest of projects. Making your boss as well as the individual in your company responsible for budget oversight of your project aware of the issue(s) is essential for successful project management.

Money is the oxygen for any program.

A large part of ensuring project success is doing everything in your power to sure your oxygen supply isn’t cut off.

In larger enterprises, there are a number of projects taking place concurrently. The person responsible for the budgets of all the projects may head a Project Management Office (or PMO).

The PMO not only has budget oversight but is also similar to an air traffic controller who has projects queued up like planes landing and taking off. A delay in one project can cause a ripple effect–sometimes substantial–impacting one or more of the other projects in the queue.

While I certainly always wanted to be sure my boss (or my client) was fully aware of the status of a project, I also wanted my “banker” or the PMO briefed as well.

My mantra has always been “no surprises.” If my boss (or client) or my banker was going to learn about bad news, I wanted these people to hear about it from me first. That is the best practice. And, I can assure you this practice is most reassuring to them.

Your leadership appreciates hearing about problems but you also need to be prepared to discuss what you or your team are doing to resolve the issue(s). Dumping a problem in your manager’s lap is not a path to nirvana.


Thought for the week:

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Sir Richard Branson


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