Define the User Interface for a Rule-Based Software Application to Properly Configure and Validate a Customer’s Orders

Configurator Application Design

Industry: Semiconductor

Role: Business and Technical Expert Assigned to End-User Number of people working on Assignment: 2 – client staff; 3 IT staff; 7 Accenture consulting personnel (project managers and programmers)

Duration of the engagement: 7 months

Problem Presented: Information Technology and outsource I.T. consulting staff were not appropriately identifying and addressing the end-users’ business and technical requirements for a new “Configurator” application. Our client needed help in defining the business and technical requirements for a sophisticated “configurator” application used to define a customer’s requirements for custom semiconductors as well as assistance dealing with programming personnel.

Assessment and Steps: Helped client document their business and technical requirements, reviewed and resolved critical business issues related to the application design, provided focus for a software application that not only addressed internal departmental needs but also looked to future business needs, worked with internal IT and Accenture project managers and programmers to resolve issues, ensure that client’s needs were properly communicated and addressed. We helped our client through the trials and tribulations of a major software development effort, an area that was foreign and overwhelming to our client and the organization.

Results Achieved: Our client obtained software applications that truly reflect their business and technical needs.


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