Define Business Processes for New Configuration Application Migration

Define Business Processes for New Configuration Application Migration

Industry: Semiconductor

Role: Project Leader

Number of people working on Assignment: 6 client personnel

Duration of Engagement: 2 months

Problem Presented: The client had to convert data from an existing computer application to a new computer application for approximately 1,000 custom semiconductors. This conversion effort would take place over a period of several months and involve a great deal of complexity in terms of queuing special requests, identifying problems resulting in things being put on hold while being transferred to be worked in separate work queues, etc.

Our firm had to be able to monitor the status and progress of a part’s conversion during its migration through the process.

Assessment and Steps: Worked with the client to design a process that anticipated and helped to manage the conversion effort. This process recognized that the likelihood that a part could be successfully converted the first time through the application would be quite low, which turned out to be true.

Results Achieved: The effort paid off—the conversion effort turned out to be as arduous as we had anticipated. Our processes helped us accurately monitor status and progress.

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