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I was recently invited to be part of a Patient and Family Advisory Team (PFAT) at the medical clinic associated with my hospital.

With my passion for looking at businesses and processes from a customer’s perspective–something that eludes so very many organizations–I like the fit and the opportunity to add value.

There’s also an opportunity to interact with the senior leadership team at the hospital. Both executives liked my tag line: “Making the complex simple.” They both said (paraphrasing), “Boy, do we need that!”

Will this PFAT team move the needle in a substantial way? Probably not. But, we can certainly expect to provide input leading to an improved patient experience despite the fact the organization does a really good job already.

Remember: Customer experience is about your customer and their actual experience.

I’m encouraging our team to dig deeper and not ignore the non-native Californians who use the services asking what can we do to get their feedback and incorporate their ideas into the organization.

Thought for the week:

“Whatever your goals might be, the important thing is to begin to work towards them today.” Colleen Francis, Consultant and Author of Nonstop Sales Boom


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