Adoption Of Change Is Valuable


Whenever a company is faced with implementing change, my mindset is that only if the change is widely adopted by the users or stakeholders is there value to be derived from that change.

For example, if you implement an enterprise application and adoption (usage) is quite low or non-existent, how have you benefited? You haven’t.

  • The change must tie into how work gets done.
  • The change needs to be appropriate and provide value for the people who implement the change to get their work done for themselves and others who rely on them.
  • If the change isn’t appropriate for the work that needs to be done, adoption is guaranteed to be low and frustration will be high.

Success is measured by adoption of end users, not by the opinions of sponsors of the initiative. It’s important to make the complex simple for the end users if you want a high level of adoption.

Photo Courtesy of Tanel Teemusk on Flickr

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