Did you know closing simple gaps can transform your business?
The 1% solution: Improve by 1% a day, and in 70 days you’re twice as good.[1]

Many executives believe that business transformation only comes as a result of the huge information technology initiatives. While this can be true, the cumulative impact of resolving simple gaps yields significant improvements. We’ve confirmed the best source for the insights needed to transform your business is your employees.

We’ve designed a consulting process that improves business execution while accelerating excellence and collaboration creating excitement for your employees and your customers. This process is called the “Improving Business Execution Kaizen.”

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “continuous and incremental improvement” and has come to mean “eliminating waste.” Gemba is a Japanese term that (loosely translated) means “going to where the work is.” And, that is just what this consulting process is all about—“going to where the work is” to learn how to improve your business.

Outcomes of this Initiative

  • Your entire team is engaged in process improvement and the solution
  • Issues that can be resolved quickly are closed in short order
  • The stage is set for continuous improvement process led by client personnel which is consistent with our goal of client self-sufficiency
  • This consulting process will be facilitated by senior management consultants with knowledge of best practices in a wide variety of companies and industries


Option 1: We work with your teams to identify issues, prioritize and brainstorm ideas for corrective action. The teams are assigned responsibility for implementing corrective actions. We will provide guidance for how a team can achieve corrective actions. Items that can’t be resolved without additional resources will be captured and prioritized.
Option 2: We test out your core business processes and provide you with feedback about how you are doing.

When was the last time you personally tried to use each of the systems and processes your company offers? Have you tried to place an order, get technical assistance with your product? How easy is it to order technical literature, get reimbursement for warranty expenses, check the status of an order, etc? Do you have first-hand knowledge of exactly what your customers and employees experience in the course of interacting with your company?

Option 3: We survey your customers to get more details about what they love and are troubled with in dealing with your company.

You select the options you need; we’ll create a custom-tailored process for you.


We meet with your teams each week for 1-2 hours. This first step is to capture the gaps in each core areas and core processes within those areas. In subsequent weeks, we work with your teams in identifying and implement corrective action.

The following organizations typically participate in this process:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Order Administration
  • Customer Support
  • Product Development
  • Operations
  • Finance

Cross-functional team issues will require discussions with the teams that are impacted.

Once this program is getting traction, the entire process continuous process improvement effort is turned over to the client. Depending on the complexity of the business and issues at hand, this turn-over could be achieved in as little as one month for small companies to several months for larger, more complex companies.

If a team cannot resolve an issue with existing resources, the team will identify and prioritize that issue for future consideration.

Client Investment

Option 1: Monthly, fixed fee payable in advance covering one month of effort. A 10% discount is available for payment in advance for 3 or more months.
Options 2 & 3: Fixed fee quoted; 10% discount for payment in full in advance of the project start

Call Dave Gardner today at +1 408-475-7068 so we can discuss your needs and arrive at an irresistible fee to get your business transformation started. Contact us for further details.

[1] Dr. Alan Weiss, Summit Consulting, http://www.summitconsulting.com