Consulting Client TestimonialsSome of Dave’s Consulting Client Testimonials:


Our system for selecting features and options was near non-existent and operations consistently in gridlock. Dave designed and implemented a system that not only solved these problems, but satisfied everyone’s information needs.

Robert Duncan
Chairman & CEO


We purchased a configurator as part of a new ERP system and called Dave to help us implement it. He quickly showed us how this new configurator module would not work for our unique products. After helping us get our money back for this module, he determined what we needed from a configurator system so we could seamlessly address our operational problems across our enterprise. I was delighted with the way he engaged our entire management team to understand our issues and develop an implementation plan. Within days, the energy level within my group was re-energized and Dave had pointed us in the direction we needed to go, not only to allow us to grow our business but to achieve a streamline & efficient configurator.


Guy Gandenberger
VP, Sales & Marketing


We needed to reduce the cycle time for a critical portion of our order acceptance process. Dave managed our re-engineering effort which resulted in fully defining our manufacturing capabilities and reducing our cycle time from 5 days to 1. This increased customer satisfaction and provided the foundation for our new configurator initiative.


Bruce Crawford
Customer Order Mgmt


After keynote to Dover Industrial Products Engineering Best Practices Meeting:
“Right message, right time, right group.”


David J. Ropp
President & CEO
Dover Industrial Products


Dave Gardner’s work targets a major competitive threat to all companies—the inability to customize effectively from product management to customer installation and acceptance and through to ongoing customer support…and it is critical. His insights demonstrate that embracing and adopting an efficient customization capability is key to long-run competitive success.


Paul Emery
Principal (former CEO of System Industries)
Paul Emery Associates, LLP


Thank you so much for your efforts in supporting me during my crunch time. Your input and support on the Nanochip Fab Solutions article, press release, and presentation materials were invaluable. Jerry’s Global Product Sales Training presentation went from lowest ranked last year to #1 this year. If not for your involvement, I could have missed the deadlines for these critical initiatives. You learned quickly and were able to help from day one. I appreciate your ability to think strategically about the issues and perform the tactical activities to get the job done. I hope to see your participation in other Applied Materials projects.


Lenae Hart Shirley
Applied Global Services Equipment Productivity Services
Global Product Manager, Service


Thank you so much, Dave, for your excellent Program Management and Consulting involvement with our PLM enterprise design and implementation project. Your pragmatic approach and clear thinking kept the team focused. You often were a lone voice of reason; projecting cool, calm experience during times of chaos and conflict. Your dedication to the project’s success and the company’s interests was beyond what I would have expected of a consultant and beyond that of many regular employees. 

My only regret is that we didn’t make better use of your knowledge/experience and implement more of your advice during your time with us. No doubt if we had, many of the obstacles we encountered would have been proactively avoided.


Brian Gant
Manager – Global Engineering & Ops
Cisco Systems, Inc.


Your tireless dedication has completely changed the way we do business. We are a much more efficient, streamlined company, thanks to your exceptional level of business knowledge and your commitment to this project. You have guided us out of a procedural “black hole,” and into a new era of profitability and efficiency. 

This change has not come without a few bumps and bruises, and we realize there will be more hiccups as we go; however, thanks to the groundwork you have laid we are prepared to handle these issues as a team, and forge ahead toward a rewarding future.”


Nancy Frazier
Materials Manager Engineer-to-Order
Capital Equipment Manufacturer


Dave Gardner can save his clients a lot of money. What he does is complex and sophisticated, usually affecting every organization in a company. This requires collaboration, teamwork, a hands-on understanding of the implications of certain process decisions, and careful examination of the trade-offs of different approaches. Dave has a keen understanding of how companies operate and the information hand-offs from group to group. He brings a lot of intellectual property to the table, a rarity in their consulting space.


Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
Consultant & Author:
“Million Dollar Consulting”


Dave helped us develop a process and procedures so my organization could assume responsibility for our ‘Capabilities Guide’ online help system. Dave was always very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone needing a consultant of his type.


David Flores
Customer Order Management Analyst
Custom Integrated Chip Manufacturer


Dave Gardner helps companies address the tough challenge of how to better meet customer needs and simultaneously reduce costs.


Alan Fortier
Fortier & Associates, Inc.


Our User Group of credit card senior operations executives found David’s presentation and insights very informative and entertaining. His real-life experiences in the customization strategy and techniques in the manufacturing of fire trucks were chronicled. He offered advice on how some of these same principles could be implemented in the production of customized credit cards in the wide variety of credit cards issued by major banks.


Tony Rakun
VP, North America Commercial Sales
Datacard Group


An extraordinary famously fabulous performance last evening for the Association for Corporate Growth Silicon Valley Chapter. Folks in our community were very pleased and want to extend our thank you to you for your time and talent–excellent job! Sending best wishes and deep appreciation…


Sally Pera
AGC Silicon Valley


I am launching a new product and service and asked Dave to review a brochure. Within an hour, I received terrific ideas for better connecting with my customers in language and concepts that will resonate with buyers. I was amazed at the clarity of this thinking. Very helpful.


David Wilkinson
DataComCorp Solutions