New Eyeglasses Bring A New Perspective

New Glasses Bring a New Perspective | Dave Gardner | Consultant | Thank God It's Monday

New Glasses Bring a New Perspective | Dave Gardner | Consultant | Thank God It's MondayWho would have thought, getting new eyeglasses would bring a new perspective? It was Friday, October 30th, when I got new lenses installed in my glasses. For an hour, I could not read anything: my phone, the menu at the restaurant, the bill, etc. Weird. I needed to kill time (or so I thought).

I ate at the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery outdoors in 75-degree weather with a very gentle breeze. The tables were social-distanced and it felt safe. I’ve got to tell you: it was heavenly.

Because I couldn’t read, I could only focus on what was going on around me.

  • There were a number of young kids dressed in their finest Halloween costumes. They were giggling with excitement just as I did when I was their age. For many, that experience yesterday may have been one of the few outings they have made since March of this year. Trick or treating isn’t happening.
  • There were also adults costumed. There was a group of very attractive women dressed as nuns. I’ve never seen nuns wearing high-heels but I became a believer. There were others with their pups prancing around.

Directly across from me was a guy working on his laptop, drinking a beer, and enjoying a salad. He looked like he could stay there forever. As I was leaving, I walked over to him and said, “It doesn’t look like this is your first time here.” He replied, “Actually it is. I’ve got 5 kids at home all under the age of 10 and I decided I needed to take a break, get out and think.” I said, “I suspect you’ll be back.” He replied, “Yeah…this has been great.”

COVID has forced families to stay home 24/7. Adults aren’t going to the office; kids aren’t going to school. Many are captive to their homes and that brings a new level of frenetic energy to the lives of the parents. I don’t know how they balance the intense demands of family and work, frankly, in this “new normal.”

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of interacting with your technology rather than observing the world around you. It’s a pretty darn good world. There’s a lot to see and observe.

  • The news can wait.
  • Politics can wait. The latest tweet from “you know who” can wait.
  • The email can wait.
  • Social media can wait.
  • The chat message you want to send can wait.

The afternoon was one of the most perfect experiences I could have created for myself.

What perspective or even joy can you create for yourself when you are forced to? What spark of genius might happen if you get out of your routine and create space for yourself to think?

I may just take my glasses off more often now that I have gained this new perspective. What about you?

Thought for the week:

The Data Era ‘Is Here’

One thing is clear, technology has never been more central than it is right now. For many, digital three-year plans got done in three months. We are having a glimpse of the future, and the organizations that are investing into that future have the advantage.

Digital transformation will only accelerate from here with the combination of massive computing power, 5G and AI. It’s like a machine, and the fuel for that machine is data. As everything in the physical world becomes intelligent and connected, the amount and relevance of data will continue to explode.


These innovations together are the fourth industrial evolution. And it will require all of us to reimagine every aspect of what we do. The data era is here. To win, organizations need to accelerate the digital transformation. 5G is the digital fabric that allows us to extend the cloud to the mobile edge.

— Michael Dell. Michael Dell’s 5 Boldest Remarks At Dell Technologies World


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