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It’s Time For Dave To Take A Sabbatical

I’ve had a very busy year. As we all know, 2020 has been a very challenging year. I need a break. More than a long weekend or a week or 2. I’m taking a sabbatical until mid-January 2021.

Perhaps you need a break! Perhaps someone you know or love needs a break and you could lend your support.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Peace, peace, peace.

Thank God It’s Monday will be back before you know it!

Too Much Entitlement 1 Too Much Entitlement

Too Much Entitlement

This week, I’m thinking about entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. I’ve seen horrible examples of entitlement by the police. Peaceful protestors have been attacked, members of the press have been attacked and arrested, even credentialed members of foreign press have been attacked. Read more…