Dave needs a break | sleeping Koala

It’s Time For Dave To Take A Sabbatical

I’ve had a very busy year. As we all know, 2020 has been a very challenging year. I need a break. More than a long weekend or a week or 2. I’m taking a sabbatical until mid-January 2021.

Perhaps you need a break! Perhaps someone you know or love needs a break and you could lend your support.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Peace, peace, peace.

Thank God It’s Monday will be back before you know it!

Does Your Business Cling To The Past Or Embrace The Future?

Does Your Business Cling To The Past Or Embrace The Future?

When it comes to evolution, does your business cling to the past or embrace the future? In order to drive the company’s evolution, the CEO must address those issues for stakeholder buy-in. He/she needs to listen and acknowledge the fears (and sometimes laziness) that keep key stakeholders reluctant to change, then show them a solution to their trepidation. They must demonstrate how the benefits of change out weight the status quo.

Hoax or cover-up | corporate-speak

Whether It’s A Hoax Or A Cover-Up, It Doesn’t Matter

Is it a hoax or a cover-up? Sometimes it doesn’t matter. The word “hoax” has been used to dismiss factual situations. “Hoax” means “a humorous or malicious deception.” Characterizing something as a hoax can also be a means of covering up a legitimate concern that needs to be addressed. A hoax or cover-up can actually be a legitimate threat to the future of a business.